LiveOps Talent™

The workforce in the cloud becomes your secret weapon here on earth

LiveOps contracts with over 20,000 independent, at-home agents – as well as a partner network of agents – to handle over 70 million interactions a year on behalf of more than 250 clients. Our cloud contact center model is powered by LiveOps Platform to deliver unmatched scalability and performance, enabling us to attract and contract with the best independent at-home agents from anywhere – not just a 50-mile radius.

With LiveOps Talent, you can:

  • Earn up to 33% more revenue per campaign
  • Answer more than 98.5% of leads 
  • Achieve order values 15-34% higher than the industry average

Quality on demand

What sets the LiveOps independent at-home agents apart is a unique combination of:

  • Higher education - 80% of the independent at-home agents have attended college
  • More selling experience - 85% have previous sales experience
  • Specialized skills, licensing and training - Large community of specialized professionals based in the U.S., including licensed insurance brokers and bilingual independent agents
  • Higher agent satisfaction - Our attrition rate is less than 10% per year—the lowest in the industry
  • Superior performance results - Proven experience in sales and support

Features and Benefits

Unmatched scalability

Cloud technology + cloud talent enables you to scale quickly to meet any demand

Best talent – anywhere, anytime

We’ve sourced the largest community of independent agents based in the U.S. 

Industry-leading security

We meet and exceed the industry's security and compliance requirements, including PCI Level 1 certification and HIPPA

Award-winning distance learning

Proven eLearning and certification programs translate into better and faster results

Performance-based model

Results-based routing, social tools and gamification programs optimize agent performance

Insight to results

Leverage real-time insights and decision analytics based on agent/customer interactins to create better, faster outcomes.